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Model: Pass through transparent bag with gimmick and teaching link...
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Pelican gimmick
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Model: Pelican gimmick
Description: This gimmick is a revolutionary concept in magic for productions of items. As with your standard "thumb tip" style techniques which you're already familiar, you can produce, transform or vanish many items. These could include large silks, a stack of coins, large quantities of salt,..
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Perfect Silk to Ball white(Automatic)by JL Magic
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Model: Perfect silk to ball silk instantly changes into a ball right before spectators' eyes.New version allows for the silk to be handled free and independent of the performer's hands!Place silk on a table or over your shoulder, then watch as it instantly changes into a ball in your hand!C..
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Model: Pop up candal
DESCRIPTION: This is my newest candle , this candle can be used only in stage magic , the effect of appearing the candle from candlestick is visually good and astonishing . This candle as all my props are made by hand , high quality , remote control included , and very easy to set-up. Battery l..
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Premonition box mental
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Model: Premonition box mental This is basically a copy of Peter Scarlett’s Pimpernel Card Box.Effect: This is an ingenious device for any mentalist. You show a beautiful wooden box content of dices,pencil, papers and a deck of card. Explaining that you had a premonition earlier in the day..
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Model: President choice
Description: "It’s a fun little piece that would certainly bring a smile to your audiences face." -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine A good assistant can make any good magician's act appear great. With this trick, SansMinds has created an illusion that incorporates one of the Founding Fath..
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Model: Production tube tube..
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Ringing by himitsu
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Model: Ringing
Using Ringing allows you to complete a lot of magic effects. Whether it is cards magic, mental, close, palor, as long as you join Ringing, the magic effect will be more magical.Ringing features:1. No assistant2. Very easy to control3. The controllable distance is very far4. Can be combined with many..
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Rising cane from wallet
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Model: Rising cane from wallet
Rising cane from wallet..
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Model: Rising card deck (blue)
Description: Murphy's Magic Supplies' Rising Card Deck A spectator freely selects any card from the deck, it's then remembered and replaced in the deck. The deck may then be cut by the spectator before it is either held by the magician or placed into a glass or leaned against any other object. ..
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Robot coins
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Model: Robot coins
Mysteries Magic presents a classic of magic. Now with new handlings and new presentations!Coins will vanish from magician hands and will appear one at the time in a glass that is covered by the deck of cards!The gimmick does all the work for you.Use different sizes, different coins and different obj..
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Model: Rose fantasy with all necessary gimmick.redy to perform...
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