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Model: Milk and Water
Description: The magician shows a glass of water and a glass of milk.They're poured into a bottle and mixed.The bottle is then placed on a tray, while the two empty glasses are placed on either side of the bottle and covered with two chromium plated brass covers.Now from an distance, The Magici..
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Model: Missing card with all gimmick..
Ex Tax:₹1,800.00
Mist artist by higar
Out Of Stock
Model: Mist artist by higar shows some famous paintings and asks the spectator to choose one painting. Now the magician sprays the mist onto the sketchbook…. How amazing that… The chosen painting magically drawn by the mist…・The Sketchpad is specially coated. It is a blank, the..
Ex Tax:₹5,000.00
Model: MRI by tenyo
A baffling device lets you see through metal! Perform impossible feats of X-ray vision!Many magicians have shouted out in surprise when witnessing this truly baffling effect. You will be able to see through a solid metal plate and determine chosen numbers on top of a pair of dice. You will be a..
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N-PAD by Smagic Productions N-PAD by Smagic Productions
New Out Of Stock
Model: Npad, incredible and unbelievable effects. Usually moving the signed "something" is difficult to control.At Smagic, we love to do the impossible. Do you think signed coins, cards, rings... will move from left hand to right hand, or disappear and stay in the m..
Ex Tax:₹15,000.00
Model: Nailed by rich marotta type effect come with coin and gimmick..
Ex Tax:₹2,500.00
Model: Necktie coin magic with tie and coin half dollar..
Ex Tax:₹3,000.00
Never ending suitcase
In Stock
Model: Never ending suitcase gimmick suitcase come....
Ex Tax:₹5,000.00
Nothing 2.0 smoke device
Out Of Stock
Model: Nothing 2.0 smoke device device come with remote and charger and smoke liquid...
Ex Tax:₹8,000.00
One steal ball to five
New In Stock
Model: One steal ball to five
A steel ball which is hollow inside is changed into five balls in the magician's hand. The main difference between the professional One Ball into Four lies in the size and material.This is also a fine stage props
Ex Tax:₹3,750.00
Outo 2 colour change cane
In Stock
Model: Outo 2 colour change cane 2 colour change cane come with all necessary gimmick...
Ex Tax:₹6,000.00
New Out Of Stock
Model: Panic with gimmick and teaching DVD...
Ex Tax:₹2,100.00
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