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Jumbo x-ray envelope by astor
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Model: Jumbo x-ray envelope by astor
Know exactly which ESP card the spectator has placed in the envelope.No sleight of handEverything can be examinedNo marked cards or envelopeNo magnets or electronicsAn incredible clairvoyance effectComes complete with 1 special black plastic envelope, 5 transparent plastic Jumbo ESP cards and instru..
Ex Tax:₹3,000.00
Model: Lemon floting with secret device and remote......
Ex Tax:₹9,000.00
Model: Linking & appearing marble linking act for close-up....
Ex Tax:₹2,500.00
Model: Linking pin Giant Pin..
Ex Tax:₹900.00
Model: Long flame candal
Dimensions : Ø 3.5 cm , height : 16 cmDESCRIPTION :This is my new remote control candle which can burn up to astounding 1 hour. It uses NO FUEL and its fully remote up to 50 m. Candle looks like its real and its not heavy , its rechargeable and you can light it up as many times you want at any time ..
Ex Tax:₹12,000.00
Magnetic Jambo coin by Anton corradin
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Model: Magnetic Jambo coin with Jambo coin and gimmick..
Ex Tax:₹7,000.00
Model: Manipulation egg egg + shell come only......
Ex Tax:₹3,500.00
Model: Marked deck Find any Card in a Spread within Seconds! Boris Wild has proven for many years that his marking system is unbeatable when it comes to locating a card quickly. With our Phoenix backs, you are getting into a new League of Speed!The Boris Wild Mar..
Ex Tax:₹1,800.00
Model: Mental bell
Super mental bell
Ex Tax:₹5,000.00
Mental Buddha
In Stock
Model: Mental Buddha
Description: You are sitting down after dinner, just before coffee, and you pull out some empty cups (6, 7, 12 or more if you wish) -- and then you present a small Buddha statue. You turn your back so you cannot see what is happening. You ask a spectator to hide the Buddha underneath a face-dow..
Ex Tax:₹3,000.00
Model: Dice
Mental dice come with reciver (not charging system) that's why performance anywhere anytime...
Ex Tax:₹18,000.00
Mental sharpie
New Out Of Stock
Model: Mental sharpie by  John TeoMENTAL SHARPIE by Steve Bender This is a beautifully crafted wooden stand that holds 4 different colour Sharpie pens.  The prop allows you to know the order of 3 colour Sharpie secretly taken out by 3 different spectators.You are suppli..
Ex Tax:₹5,000.00
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