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Model: Genesis 4
Description: Johnny Wong's Genesis 4 is the latest in coin magic of 2016 and also includes an enhanced version of Perfect Power 3.It has many flexible applications and is the most up-to-date, delicate version of 4 in 1 coin magic.You can use Johnny Wong's Genesis 4 to perform many kinds of coin..
Ex Tax:₹9,000.00
Ghost Cabinet by G&L
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Model: Ghost Cabinet by G&L
Description: The magician displays a beautiful cabinet and opens the front door of the cabinet to that inside is a small glass and resting on the floor of the chest next to the glass is a ball. The performer closes the front door of the cabinet and then picks it up to show it all around. The ch..
Ex Tax:₹4,800.00
Ghost lamp
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Model: Ghost lamp
Automatic Metal Cup CandleThe magician shows a small metal cup candle on table. He takes out a match and wants to light the candle. However, the candle is already lit with nothing. The magician blows out the candle, it can be relighted again.This is an automatic ignition candle with remote control.-..
Ex Tax:₹8,000.00
Glass breaking tray
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Model: Glass breaking tray powerful glass breaking tray come with remote.....
Ex Tax:₹5,000.00
Model: H-pro fire fire gimmick come with both hand gimmick.......
Ex Tax:₹15,000.00
Model: Hand fire to cane fire to cane (come hand fire gimmick use your own cane)..
Ex Tax:₹1,800.00
Model: Hold Your Fire by John Kennedy Magic
Take the flame off of any butane lighter and hold it in your hand like magic! The possibilities are endless, including...Take the flame off and put it back on the lighter.Eat the flame.Slide the flame along the lighter.Change the flame into a coin, ring, etc.You can even change the flame into the li..
Ex Tax:₹2,500.00
Impale by Jason
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Model: Impale by Jason
Description: "I particularly like this because you can hand everything out at the end and use a regular deck of cards. This makes a great opening effect to any card routine - and most magicians carry a sharpie to have cards marked so it’s the perfect opening effect." -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Van..
Ex Tax:₹3,000.00
Model: Impossible Hank 2.0's Description:Still No Strings, No Assistants, No Problems! But even better! This Impossible Hank can have 2 separate programs, up to 6 minutes of total program time, and now is REMOTELY ACTIVATED!A self working, hands free dancing hank that can be perfo..
Ex Tax:₹30,000.00
Infinity watch v2 by bluether
New Out Of Stock
Model: Infinity watch v2 by bluether
Description: It took our team two years to research and development. Now, we can finally release our new version, and here it is! It is one of the most famous mentalist effects, and its previous version was sold out at FISM's first day. It is an incredible ice-breaker - it can be used..
Ex Tax:₹11,800.00
Model: Jambo king problem close-up and stage effect.....
Ex Tax:₹2,000.00
Model: Johnny Wong's Imagination Coin Set This Imagination Coin Set is the latest coin gimmick from Johnny Wong.This is also the best coin gimmick from Johnny Wong 2011.Anyone with this gimmick is able to perform amazing and realistic magic trick using simple methods.With the different style of ..
Ex Tax:₹7,000.00
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