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Model: Electronic Fire to Cane Fire to Cane by ZF MagicEffect:A burning match is shown and blown out. The magician grabs the smoke and tries to use it to ignite a torch. Then the torch is amazingly flaming! And it instantly transforms into a solid metal cane.- Electronic ignition- Easy to us..
Ex Tax:₹7,000.00
Model: Esp board magic with board and esp card.....
Ex Tax:₹2,000.00
Model: Fire and silk box include silk......
Ex Tax:₹10,000.00
Model: Fire Phone Case by Martin Braessas
Description: The Fire Phone Case is the Fire Wallet of the 21st Century! If you are looking for a magic effect for our current times, this is the one! Imagine making flames appear, grabbing everyone's attention, and then taking out your cell phone like nothing important happened. Or c..
Ex Tax:₹5,500.00
Fire rope to double cane
Out Of Stock
Model: Fire rope to double cane rope to double cane (come gimmick fire rope cane use your own)..
Ex Tax:₹2,000.00
Brand: Ellusionist Model: Fire wallet Fire Wallet can be used as anevery day wallet yet when the moment is right you can open it to a burst of flames more than a foot tall! This latest version has an improved firebox that instantly extinguishes the flames when you close the wallet; no more ‘fiery leak..
Ex Tax:₹2,700.00
Model: Fire wallet qwality fire wallet......
Ex Tax:₹800.00
Fish appear in bowl Fish appear in bowl
New Out Of Stock
Model: Fish in bowl
Fish appear in bowl Come with complete gimmick and bowl...
Ex Tax:₹3,000.00
Model: floating cocktail shaker & Serve Like A ProfessionalThe Floating Cocktail Shaker set can be used by anyone behind the bar. This set has been cleverly designed to work exactly like a professional cocktail shaker set.The Art of EntertainmentThe Floating Cocktail Shaker was ingeniously des..
Ex Tax:₹3,500.00
Model: Floting table table (come with carry bag)..
Ex Tax:₹6,500.00
Flower pot to thank you blendo
Out Of Stock
Model: Flower pot to thank you blendo An amazing and magical change from one object to another!Show a flowerpot with beautifully colored flowers and then instantly produce a giant "Thank You" silk. Includes video instructions...
Ex Tax:₹10,000.00
Model: Foo Can This very special prop can make any liquid vanish or appear at will. Turn the can upside down to prove that it's empty. Drink a glass of water. In a moment, slowly turn the Foo Can over and the water or liquor pours out of it into your glass. Perfect to ..
Ex Tax:₹3,500.00
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