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Model: Card to hip wallet
This is the perfect card to wallet created by Keith Bennett.The loading is so easy from a front trouser pocket....a hip pocket....or from an inside jacket pocket.Probably the best of its kind!It comes with the original Keith Bennett instructions..
Ex Tax:₹3,375.00
Model: Casino box
super qwality production box
Ex Tax:₹6,000.00
Model: Dove
Ex Tax:₹11,250.00
Model: Celebri-Tie by Bazar de Magia
Anytime during your show you take off your coat, let it hang casually over your shoulder and throw your tie backwards over the opposite shoulder. A split second later the tie rises above your shoulder and... it's alive!It can dance, sing and even find a card chosen by a spectator! At the end of this..
Ex Tax:₹10,000.00
Model: Chocolate pan panThis item has a high quality with great chrome finishingAs soon as you perform your magic shows with this pan, you will certainly feel the difference compared with other similar onesIt is possible to make anything appear inside it..
Ex Tax:₹10,000.00
Coin to wallet
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Model: Coin to wallet
Desription: Would you like to perform a powerful, direct and amazing effect? Well, now you can -- with our new effect, COIN TO WALLET. The creator of Odyssey and Osmosis presents a new, unexplained mystery: COIN TO WALLET.When you see it, you won't believe it -- a signed coin disappears fr..
Ex Tax:₹2,500.00
Model: Colour change silk with smoke chang silk fully automatic......
Ex Tax:₹10,000.00
Model: Crystal Mirror Bucket
Description: The Ultimate Utility Device!This is a high quality very deceptive piece of apparatus. It is so diverse; you will have a hard time choosing how you will want to use it!You are supplied with this beautiful prop and explanations for 18 effects.It's so easy and diverse, you will soon c..
Ex Tax:₹5,000.00
Model: Devil's tourch lit torch is held by the magician, he suddenly light his own hand with the torch, raging fire is  awful. He takes back the fire just by closing his hand. In a wink the fire torch is completely vanished and instantly transforms into a fireball shooting up in the air..
Ex Tax:₹4,500.00
Model: Double cross
Ask a spectator to hold out their hand and make a closed fist. Pull out a marker and draw an 'X' on the center of your palm and close it into a fist. Now without any rubbing, erasing or funny business, you slowly open your hand and reveal your X is COMPLETELY GONE. Now ask the spectator to open thei..
Ex Tax:₹5,300.00
Model: Double face coin through bill Double Face Coin Thru Bill : A perfect coin magic trick with the most many effects to apply. It's also the ultimate upgrade from the original Coin thru Bill which I invented and published in 2005. No matter you are a professional, an amateur ma..
Ex Tax:₹4,800.00
Double flower pot
Out Of Stock
Model: Double flower pot with original gosh feather.....
Ex Tax:₹7,500.00
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